I came to yeshivah without having learned more than 30 minutes per day on Gemara. I struggled greatly with going to seder and learning through the whole time.

My Elul zman started quite weak until I was introduced to the Ahavas Torah Kollel. The Kollel helped to motivate me to learn during sedorim and during bein hasdorim.

By using a financial motivation to kick-start me in my yeshivah life, I can confidently say now that in 6 months of being part of this tremendous kollel, I can sit through an entire Seder, whether it’s morning or night, and I can learn the entire time and I learn because I enjoy and love it.

I have tremendous hakoras hatov to Rabbi Engles and to the whole Kollel. It has made me into a better learner and person and my yeshivah experience would not be the same.

Thank you,


Hascamah-HaRav Aaron Feldman