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Established in 2005, the Ahavas Torah Kollel is based at Beis Yisroel Yeshiva and Yeshivas Torah Ore in Jerusalem.

Our kollel is geared towards 18- and 19- year old bochurim who want to develop their learning skills.

Our keys to success are the following:

  • 1 Every bochur gets an older bochur as a chavrusah
  • 2 They are given a small amount of Gemara to learn each week
  • 3 Each bochur must pass a test on the Gemara he learned that week
  • 4 We give a full stipend for every bochur who learns 8 hours a month
  • 5 The bochurim are required to learn only בין הסדרים (which means almost all the 2,000 plus hours of learning by the bochurim each year is due to their participation in the Kollel).

For every month that you sponsor a bochur ($180), that bochur will be asked to say “The extra learning I do this month should be an aliyah neshamah etc. for ploni ben ploni.” In the donate form on this page, please specify what the dedication is (aliyah neshamah, refuah shleimah, etc) and who it is for.

We plan on updating you how the bochur you sponsored is progressing.

Ahavas Torah is a tax-deductible organization.
EIN: 27-3731994

For more information, please contact us at

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